Here are some examples of my matchlock's. As with all my products, designs can be altered to meet your needs.  We have several locks to choose from for use on our Arqubus and English Matchlocks. Click picture for closer view.

Matchlock Version 2, Standard ECWThis is my standard 30 Years War/ECW piece.   42 Inch, octagon to round barrel with single band.  Your choice of locks. 
snaplock 001_small.jpg (10741 bytes)This is my basic snaplock.   Dated back to the 16th century and used by the Landsknechts.
matchlock 001_small.jpg (12779 bytes)This is similar to the standard ECW matchlock but a higher quality.  This one was made for the Jamestown Settlement in Virginia and similar to the ones used in the movie New World.
ArqubusAn example of an harquebus.
  Spanish harquebus circa 1580.  This is an exact replica of one recovered from a 16th century well in St. Augustine, Florida. It is possible that this was lost or thrown into the well at the time of Sir Francis Drake's raid against and destruction of the city in 1586. Sketches, measurements, drawings, and details of this firearm's construction were provided by the State of Florida Conservation Laboratory in Tallahassee, where the original matchlock is now curated.